Artificial Intelligence in Acute Kidney Injury Prediction

 Artificial Intelligence in Acute Kidney Injury Prediction


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in nephrology and its associated clinical research is growing. Recent years have seen increased interest in utilizing AI to predict the development of hospital-based acute kidney injury (AKI). Several AI techniques have been employed to improve the ability to detect AKI across a variety of hospitalized settings.

This review discusses the evolutions of AKI risk prediction discussing the static risk assessment models of yesteryear as well as the more recent trend toward AI and advanced learning techniques. We discuss the relative improvement in AKI detection as well as the relative dearth of data around the clinical implementation and patient outcomes using these models.

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Cette thématique sera abordée lors de la conférence de l’Intelligence Artificielle à Paris, les 14 & 15 Septembre 2023.


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