AI & Medicine 2025: Cutting-Edge Innovations, Generative AI, Virtual Reality, Telehealth, Biosensors

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Welcome note

Following our successful French AI & Nephrology conferences 2021 & 2023, we are pleased to welcome you to the 2025 international gathering.

Artificial Intelligence & Medicine 2025 will connect clinicians, biotech innovators, startups, R&D professionals, policymakers, and AI experts. Together, we will discuss the significant impact of AI on healthcare, examine its ethical implications, and encourage collaborations that will drive the future of medical technology and the medicine of tomorrow. Join us for a key event dedicated to the progression of AI applications in medicine.

Marvin Edeas,

Institut Cochin-INSERM 1016,
Université Paris Cité, Paris

Jean-René Larue,
Centre de Néphrologie Les Fleurs, Ollioules

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