AI & Medicine 2025: Cutting-Edge Innovations, Generative AI, Virtual Reality, Telehealth, Biosensors

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Abstracts Submission

Artificial Intelligence & Medicine 2025 invites researchers, healthcare professionals, industry experts, and startups to submit abstracts and project proposals that align with the conference’s themes and objectives. This is an excellent opportunity to share your cutting-edge research, innovative projects, and impactful ideas with a global audience.

3 submission types are available:

1. Abstract Submission

Researchers and professionals are encouraged to submit abstracts highlighting their work in the field of AI and medicine. Abstracts should provide a concise summary of the research objectives, methods, key findings, and implications for the application of AI in medical practice. Accepted abstracts will be presented as posters or oral presentations during the conference sessions, allowing participants to showcase their work and engage in fruitful discussions.

More abstract submission details will be shared soon.

More information about the submission guidelines & Modalities.

2. Innovation Showcase

Artificial Intelligence & Medicine 2024 is excited to host an Innovation Showcase, providing a dedicated platform for startups, industry leaders, and innovators to demonstrate their groundbreaking technologies, products, and services in the field of AI and medicine.

The Innovation Showcase is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on cutting-edge advancements that have the potential to transform healthcare. Whether you have developed an AI-driven diagnostic tool, a novel medical device, a data analytics platform, or any other innovative solution, this platform allows you to present your work to a diverse audience of researchers, healthcare professionals, industry experts, and investors.

Participants in the Innovation Showcase will have the chance to showcase their products or prototypes through interactive displays, demonstrations, and presentations. This engaging environment facilitates networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among attendees, fostering opportunities for partnerships and commercialization.

For startups, the Innovation Showcase provides an excellent opportunity to gain visibility, connect with potential investors, mentors, and industry leaders, and receive valuable feedback from experts in the field. It offers a unique platform to attract funding, explore market opportunities, and accelerate the growth and adoption of your innovative solutions.

Industry leaders can also leverage the Innovation Showcase to highlight their latest advancements and demonstrate how AI is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. This is an ideal platform to interact with peers, exchange ideas, and showcase thought leadership in AI and medicine.

We invite startups, industry leaders, and innovators to participate in the Innovation Showcase at Artificial Intelligence & Medicine 2025. This is your chance to make a lasting impact, drive innovation, and shape the future of AI in healthcare.

Submit your application to be a part of the Innovation Showcase, and seize the opportunity to demonstrate your transformative technologies, connect with key stakeholders, and contribute to the advancement of AI in medicine. Together, we can propel the field forward and revolutionize healthcare delivery worldwide.

More detail about the innovation submission process will be communicated soon.

Review Process

All abstracts and project proposals will undergo a thorough review process by the scientific committee, ensuring the selection of high-quality contributions that align with the conference’s objectives. Submissions should be prepared according to the provided guidelines and submitted through the conference website by the specified deadline.

For more information, please contact us.