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Awards 2024

Artificial Intelligence & Medicine 2024 will recognize outstanding contributions in the field through a series of prestigious awards. These awards aim to celebrate excellence, innovation, and significant scientific contributions. We are pleased to announce the following awards:

  1. Scientific Contribution of the Year: This prestigious award acknowledges the exceptional scientific contribution made by an individual or research team in the field of AI and medicine. The recipient of this award will have demonstrated outstanding innovation, impactful research, and a significant influence on the understanding or application of AI in the medical field. This award recognizes the substantial contribution made to the scientific community and the potential long-term impact of the recipient’s work.
  2. Best Short Presentation Award: This award recognizes the presenter of the most outstanding short presentation during the conference. Short presentations offer a concise and impactful platform to showcase research findings, innovative projects, or emerging ideas. The recipient of this award will be acknowledged for their ability to effectively communicate their work, scientific rigor, and contribution to the field of AI and medicine.
  3. Best Poster Award: The Best Poster Award honors the presenter of the most exceptional poster presentation. Posters offer an opportunity to visually display research findings, methodologies, and outcomes. The recipient of this award will be recognized for the quality of their poster design, clarity of presentation, scientific content, and the significance of their work in advancing AI in medicine.
  4. Most Innovative Project Award: In recognition of the importance of innovation, this award is dedicated to the most innovative project presented during the conference. This award celebrates groundbreaking ideas, novel approaches, and transformative technologies in the realm of AI and medicine. The recipient will be honored for their ability to push the boundaries of what is currently possible and for their potential to shape the future of healthcare.

The award winners will be selected by a distinguished panel of experts in the field, based on the scientific quality, originality, significance, and presentation of the work. The recipients will be announced and presented with their awards during a dedicated ceremony at the conference.

We encourage all participants to strive for excellence and consider submitting their work for consideration for these prestigious awards. By recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements, we aim to inspire and encourage further advancements in the field of AI and medicine.

Please note that specific eligibility criteria and submission guidelines for each award will be provided closer to the conference dates.

Submission Guidelines for Awards.

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