AI & Medicine 2024: Cutting-Edge Innovations, Generative AI, Virtual Reality, Telehealth, Biosensors

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Abstract Submission

Researchers and professionals are encouraged to submit abstracts highlighting their work in the field of AI and medicine. Abstracts should provide a concise summary of the research objectives, methods, key findings, and implications for the application of AI in medical practice. Accepted abstracts will be presented as posters or oral presentations during the conference sessions, allowing participants to showcase their work and engage in fruitful discussions.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All abstracts for oral or poster presentations will be submitted to the Scientific Committee.
  2. Your abstract has to be submitted via the online form which is available below. Abstracts received without using the online form will not be studied.
  3. Only one abstract is accepted for one registered person.
  4. For short oral submissions, the modality of the talk (online/ in-person) should be mentioned in the remarks section.
  5. After the deadline, no changes will be accepted.

The Modalities

  1. Abstract title should be limited to 20 words.
  2. Abstract text  should be limited to 200 words. 
  3. Abstract text should be divided into: Introduction, Materials & Methods, and Conclusion.
  4. Unusual abbreviations should be indicated in parentheses after the full word the first time it appears.
  5. Abstracts should be related to the conference tracks or sessions. Please make sure to indicate the topic most suited to your abstract.
  6. An abstract without references will not be revised.
  7. References provided should not exceed 3.
  8. All abstracts for oral or poster presentations have to be uploaded in word and PDF files.
  9.  Your one-page abstract in Word format has to be prepared in B5 format.

To download the modalities of the one-page abstract, please click here.

Note thatAbstracts received without formal modalities will not be studied.

Short Oral Presentations Requirements (Post-Acceptance)

  • Short oral presenters have 8 minutes for their presentation, followed by 2 minutes of Q&A.
  • Please use PowerPoint standard ratio (4×3)
  • Number of slides: 5 Slides (+1)
  • Slides should be clear and should cover: (1) the aim of the research, (2) materials methods, (3) Results, and (4) conclusion. 


Posters Session (Post-Acceptance)

  • Posters will be presented during the coffee breaks & lunch break
  • Posters format A1 – vertical : 84,1cm height * 59,4cm width
  • For online submissions E-Posters must be sent via email to: intelligence[at]