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Towards AI-driven longevity research

AI’s contemporary capabilities allow it to learn from existing data, predicting and modeling properties crucial for unraveling the complexities of aging. In their recent review paper, Marino et al. spotlight a pivotal shift towards AI-driven longevity research, moving beyond traditional structural data storage methods.

  • Expanding Data Horizons in Modern Aging Technologies: Marino et al. highlight that modern technologies, tapping into diverse information sources like next-generation sequencing data (proteomics, lipidomics, and other omics), provide a comprehensive understanding of the interactions between the human body and external aging influences.
  • Crucial Role of External Factors in Aging: External factors’ key role in aging gains prominence, especially with AI shedding light on complex biological processes.
  • AI’s Promise as a Cornerstone in Aging Research? With advancements in computational systems biology and ongoing biomarker development, AI emerges as a central ally in the pursuit of understanding and addressing the intricacies of aging.

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Photo Credits: Marino et al. Front. Aging (2023)